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Floorstanding acoustics B2S



Floorstanding loudspeaker with Beyma LF drivers and Seas tweeters..


Nameplate capacity: 80 W,
Impedance: 16 Ohms.
Sensitivity: 91 dB\W\m
Frequency response (+\- 2 dB.): 40 - 25000 Hz.
Dimensions: 104,5 (H) x 21 (W) x 27,5 (D) cm.
Acoustic design: bass reflex.



Vinyl finish - 88604 rubles,

Veneer finish - 107168 rubles.





Toning of veneer adds 10% to 20% to the price, depending on the type of tint. (possibility of toning is discussed when ordering).


Grills raise the price of loudspeaker by 3400 roubles.










B2S walnut vinyl finish



Modern veneer finishing options, please look here.


Not all types of veneer are available. Please, choose several options, indicating priority, if there more than one option that is suitable for you.

On the final speaker type of veneer may differ slightly from the photo link.


Our standard vinyl colours are: black, red, yellow (beech), brown.

All options are with wood imitation


The possibility of other finishing options like, for example,white glossy ( - image1 - , - image 2 - , - image3 - ) - please, discuss when  ordering.

Custom vinyl finish raises the price of loudspeaker by 20%




Attention, the products are made to order with 50% prepayment. The making  takes approximately two months.

Ready products  are by 20% more expensive. (Except special proposals from the section "Ready products " ).



Attention, in connection with instability of the prices of materials and equipment elements , all prices are given approximately. The exact prices will be calculated by preparation of the order for products.


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