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EnlargeElite acoustic and interconnect cables in my assortment are cables, created by the leader of ZKI Konstantin Zaporozhcev.

Cables ZKI have a very high resolution in the whole bandwidth, detail, transparency, "lightness" of sound (with well heared overtones and reverberations).

Another advantage of this cables is preservation of naturalness and "warmth" of sound, although many cables with a detailed and transparent sound are bedeviled by synthetic "touch" and disintegration of music into beautiful, but, incoherent sounds.


Prices for ZKI cables:

For 1 metre -3360 rubles.


Prices for interconnect ZKI cables:
For 0,7 m. - 12700 rub.

For 1 m. - 17500 rub.


Prices for power ZKI cables:
- 9600 rub.


Extension with few outlets improving the sound:


- 9600 rub.


SE - power ZKI cables:


- 13300 rub.


SE-2 - power ZKI cables:


- 13300 rub.



Whenever possible, we plan to give out for free a new type of ZKI power cords along with our equipment. These cables are a replacement of the previous standard cables. They aren`t sold separately and unlike the standard cables, provide a good sound . But they are inferior in sound to our core models of ZKI cables.


We plan to make free cables in white so that to differ them from the main species of our power cords.



Test results

("Total DVD" log , №7 (28) July 2003)





Attention, in connection with instability of the prices of materials and equipment elements , all prices are given approximately. The exact prices will be calculated by preparation of the order for products.




Our cables are developed and produced by a head of ZKI production company Konstantin Zaporozhcev.
To my hearing they are excellent .

Konstantin creates the cables on the basis of high-quality copper wires.
Design is known to me, but it's not my "know-how" and I can't tell you the details..


As a rule I have in stock some ready cables.



Enlarge ZKI Digital cable.

Greatly improves the sound and musical resolution.


For 0,5 m. - 6800 rub.







EnlargeZKI USB Digital cable

Greatly improves the sound and musical resolution.


For 1 m. - 17400 rub.


Attention! We don`t make protective grounding of external housing of USB connectors for the best sounding.

Therefore, to avoid breakdowns:

Do not connect USB cable during the operation of the devices.

It is necessary to disconnect one of the connected devices from all cables (including power cord).
It is usually more convenient to disconnect the external audio device that is to connect with a computer. At this the external audio device and computer should be turned off.

In the same way, before removing our USB cable, you need to turn off the computer, turn off an external device attached by our USB cable. Then disconnect all other cables (and power cord) from the external device. You needn`t disconnect an optical cable. After this you can disable our USB cable from the computer and external devices.





Cables for connecting a turntable to phonocorrector:


For 0,7 m. - 18000 rub.

For 1 m. - 24000 rub.


Shielded cables:


For 0,7 m. - 14400 rub.

For 1 m. - 21600 rub.




Attention, the products are made to order with 50% prepayment. The making  takes approximately two months.

Ready products  are by 20% more expensive. (Except special proposals from the section "Ready products " ).


Copyright ©2003, Alexandr Klyachin

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